Science Book List

If you're looking for more science-y goodness for kids, we offer here our list of Canadian Science-Themed Books for Children. The list, in PDF format, is organized by curricular topic. The introduction to the list contains suggestions for how to use it effectively.


Click on the link above to see or download the list. The document may be shared or reproduced freely, when appropriate credit is given.

This list was compiled by a group of Canadian children's science writers with the goal of helping teachers, librarians, science communicators, and parents find science resources created by Canadian writers and illustrators.

The book list is not exhaustive. Many of the writers and illustrators in it are part of the Sci/Why blog group or of the larger group that started and supports Sci/Why. However, we welcome - and have included - contributions from other Canadian science communicators as well.

Please note that the list is limited to English-language books. For information about Canadian science writing in French, visit the site of l'Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Qu├ębec.

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