1 Feb 2013

Taking Science Fun to the iPad People

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to write a script for a kids' "appisode" - a web-based story and game combo for iTunes and the iPad. It was exciting to be part of a team working in what was a new format for all involved. The challenge - to bring science ideas to a new audience in an exciting and interactive way.

The results, I'm thrilled to say, are now available for download at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dr.-greenies-mad-lab/id565671925?mt=8. I'd be thrilled if you would check it out and try some of the games. And laugh at some of the groaner jokes I wrote for it too!

Special feature!!! Here's a sneak peek at the "Achievements" page for the games. Notice howyou get special points for  being rude and for offering a  bean-powered fart boost...

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