16 May 2014

Omigod SNAKES!!!!!

Posted by Helaine Becker

DO NOT READ THIS. If you go squirmy at the thought of snakes. Because last week I was in Manitoba for TD Canada Children's Book Week. The beginning of May also happens to be when the garter snakes come out of hibernation. By the thousands. The tens of thousands. And when they wake up, they want to, ahem, get busy.

The town of Narcisse, Manitoba is home to the largest congregation of Red Sided Garter snakes anywhere. In May you can give yourself the major creeps just hearing them rustle in the grass- or pick up a ball of mating snakes...

Image from Nature North
Alas, because of the cold winter, I was a bit too early to experience peak snake freakout. But I did still manage to see quite a few slithery serpents on a farm in Boissevain. More snakes than I'd ever seen in my life in one place. I didn't bother to count....*runs for the non-existent hills*

For more on the Red-Sided Garter Snake, go to Nature North's website. And if you want to experience one of the natural wonders of the world, plan a trip to Manitoba in May. You might catch a glimpse of a few snakes  - or a visiting author. :)
That's me "doing work" on the Boissevain farm - no,
I won't be scooping up snakes!


Jan Thornhill said...

A great tragedy that you were too early! You would have so enjoyed to scene.

Jan Thornhill said...

"the" scene