23 Jan 2015

Calling All Citizen Scientists - Check out your Toilet!

By Helaine Becker

You've probably heard it - that water goes down a drain differently on the north and south sides of the equator. But is it true?

The Internet, which knows all, seems to be out on this pressing subject. While there is solid theoretical backing for the difference in spin  - thanks to the Coriolis Effect - there is no solid evidence to back it up. Pardon the puns.

It's time to fill the information void once and for all!

Here's how we play:

You take a video of your toilet flushing, and post it to the comments section here along with your latitude. Eventually, your humble sci-why contributors will watch the videos and tabulate the data. with a large enough (stool) sample, ;) we can determine the truth, once and for all.

So on your marks, get set, flush!

Here is my video contribution, from greater Toronto, Canada (N44):

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