12 Feb 2016

Why I Love Twitter

By Claire Eamer

I confess - I absolutely love Twitter. And it's not because I'm a social media geek. It's because of the science. Really!

I know Twitter has a reputation as the place where you post the boring minutiae of your life (and how many times do you get to use "minutiae" in conversation, eh?). But Twitter is actually the place where I find the coolest science stories.

I've found stories so unexpected that I'd never think to search for them. Or breaking stories. Or stories that are simply too cool for school! Of course, the best stories of all are the ones that are totally cool enough for school.

For example, who knew there are deviant corals? And that it's a good thing? I certainly didn't!

Or that bacteria have eyes. Or are eyes. Or can see. Sort of...

And then there's this week's breaking science story - about gravitational waves. Mind boggled by that one? If you want to follow the story or understand it, the Twitterverse has got you covered:

And then there are the regular Twitter users I follow for the great science stories they tell. Science writer Ed Yong, for example. Or Brian Switek, who loves dinosaurs with a passion equalled only by the nearest five-year-old. Or Sarah Boon, who thinks and writes very well about both science and science communication.

If you want to learn what's happening in Canadian science, check out the feed from Science Borealis. Here's an example:
You can even find a bunch of the Sci/Why crew on Twitter: Helaine Becker, Paula Johanson, Lindsey Carmichael, Joan Marie Galat, Marie Powell, occasional blogger Margriet Ruurs, and even me.

And here's one final, awesome tweet:

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