10 Jun 2016

World Oceans Day

There are plenty of ways to celebrate science on World Oceans Day! Today before going to the beach, I went to Twitter and looked at some interesting projects
OceanNetworksCanada ‏@Ocean_Networks 
-that's a fascinating page on Twitter, with plenty of photos and links to interesting things happening in ocean science. Today they posted:
 "The audience oohs at a California during 's . Awesome!
Ocean Networks had this wonderful image of a sea cucumber!
 I also looked at the page for
"Connecting people to the ocean in an entertaining, engaging & educational way to build ocean awareness & the next generation of ocean stewards.

Fish Eye and Ocean Network used the hashtag #livedive, which leads to a page discussing live broadcasts during dives in the ocean. Fascinating!

Twitter is no substitute for walking along the seashore, or learning to scuba dive. But it's a great way to bring the outdoors and ocean into my home for an hour, and help me decide what to look for in the library and at the seashore.

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