19 Sep 2017

Nominated for the People's Choice Award: Canada's Favourite Science Blog

Good news, science fans! Actually, three pieces of good news. 
  • It's Science Literacy Week here in Canada. 
  • Our own Sci/Why writer Simon Shapiro is receiving an award on Wednesday Sept 20th, 10:30 am at the Ontario Science Centre for his book Higher, Faster, Smarter. Hurray for Simon!
  •  And, hurray for all us Sci/Why writers, because our blog Sci/Why has been named to the Top 12 Short List for People’s Choice Award: Canada's Favourite Science Blog.

Starting today, Tuesday September 19th, Science Borealis website is hosting the voting, allowing people who love to read about science online to vote for the sites they like the best. Voters will be asked to select their THREE favourite science blogs and science sites (so 6 votes total). The site and the blog with the most votes will each win People’s Choice: Canada’s Favourite Science Online!

Publication of the short list and voting will take place on the Science Borealis website here:  http://blog.scienceborealis.ca/news/canscifavs/

Between September 19th and close of voting on October 14th, Science Borealis and the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada will promote the nominees across their social media channels. Look for the Twitter hashtag #CdnSciFav and for #scilit17 during Science Literacy Week.

After the close of voting, 3 finalists for each category will be announced via social media during the week of October 23. Winners will be announced at the Canadian Science Policy Conference (Nov 1-3) and simultaneously via social media.

It looks like a great way to celebrate Science Literacy Week and Sci/Why's writers is to vote for the People's Choice Awards.

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