9 Nov 2019

Today's Fun Fungus Walk

Our own Joan Marie Galat is a scholar of all things fungus. And she still knows how to enjoy just finding the odd mushroom here and there while out for a walk in the woods. Here are some photos she shared recently with friends. With compassion for those of us who can find it hard to figure out Latin names for various species of living things, she's captioned these photos in a more informal way.

 "Bite marks?"

"A colony."

 "A super-colony!"

 "Notice the rarely-seen upside-down bottlecap mushroom."

"The funnest of fungi!"

You can also explore the outdoors, including trees, wildlife, and the night sky, through the pages of Joan's books [https://www.joangalat.com/view-books/] . Her comments there are considerably more precise, and very interesting!

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