28 Jun 2022

Stink Bug Citizen Science!

Looking for a summer science project? Here's a note for volunteers and citizen scientists in British Columbia, Canada! 

There are stink bugs native to this region that are doing just fine, but in addition to them are new stink bugs. New to BC are Brown marmorated stink bugs ( BMSBs) from Asia. Invasive species of stink bugs have few local predators. They can become a real problem in gardens and farms, not only by drinking enough juices to weaken plants, but by spreading plant diseases. These BMSBs aren't too big a problem where they come from, as there's a kind of wasp that lays its eggs in the stink bug eggs. Now that wasp, too, has been found in BC.

Scientists in BC are looking for stink bug egg samples, to check how many of that kind of wasp are affecting stink bugs. That's where the volunteers come in. Check out this link for information on how to be a citizen scientist, gathering samples for study.