3 Feb 2017

A Wonderful Announcement!

Post by Helaine Becker

So I can FINALLY share some wonderful news. After 3 years in progress, and interminable months of the contract process, I can finally announce my upcoming picture book, Counting on Katherine, the story of Katherine Johnson (of the Hidden Figures movie). 
Christy Ottaviano at Henry Holt and Co. will be publishing it next winter, and it will be illustrated by Dow Phumiruk.  

I am thrilled beyond words that this project is actually happening; it has been a long and winding road to make it happen to be sure.
Katherine Johnson's daughters, Kathy and Joylette,
 accept the award on Katherine's behalf. 
I had the honor of meeting the Johnson family when Katherine was awarded a De Pizan Living Legacy award from the National Women's History Museum two years ago, and interviewing Katherine for the book. They are terrific folks. 
Katherine was a teacher, and she told me she is so excited to have a book for children about her (this was well before we knew anything about the movie). I am looking forward to going to Virginia with the book in my hands to give to her - she is 98 now so she better hang tough!!!!
So everyone go see the movie! And BTW my book focuses on the part of her story Hidden Figures doesn't cover - how she saved Apollo 13.

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